View from the sky | Drones and Agriculture.

Aerial View of a Farm shot by a Drone
Aerial shot of a farm taken with a Drone.

A Drones eye view.

Agriculture may be one of civilization’s earliest innovations, but today drones and infrared technologies are making farming a thing of the future. Farming has evolved with the advent of new technologies like; Auto steering tractors, drones, yield monitors and a chopper etc. Farmers once had to walk the length of their fields to look for pests, diseases and water damage, but today drones are helping farmers monitor their crops from new heights. Technology is becoming a regular piece of farming, regardless of the process involved be it tillage, planting, spraying, harvesting etc. there are different pieces of technology that can be used throughout the entire cropping season.

The use of drones helps farmers to be proactive against crops, it keeps them ahead of any outbreak/pest infestation, water damage, compaction etc. When they take aerial view of the field as a whole, they can obtain a complete and accurate information on the condition of the field at once within the shortest possible time, as opposed to walking in a few rows or just taking a look around.

With the use of global positioning system (GPS) technology, together with geographic information system (GIS) tools, the drone integrates with the current GPS system on the farmland. This forms a large part of precision agriculture practices allowing fine-scale monitoring and mapping of yield and crop parameter data within fields. These provide more intense and efficient cultivation methods, which can help farmers adjust fertilizer prescriptions or identify crop diseases before they become widespread. With more data at their fingertips, farmers can make decisions based on economic and environmental factors – for example, by optimizing fertilizer treatment and applying only the right amount at the right time, significant cost and environmental savings can be made.


For smarter and more sustainable farming, BeatDrone harness the power of drones to provide traceability by tracking what has been done on the field, farm mapping to provide significantly better health assessment of crops and soil analysis, generate inventory to optimize operation management and boost profit. Drones are all about efficiency and is a lot faster and cost effective to fly a drone over a large expanse of land than to walk the whole length in a day. In the next 5 years drones will be seen as a regular technology in large farms

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