Surveying with Drones.

Drones for Surveying

Drones For Surveying -What are the benefits?

A Few years ago, the geospatial industry underwent revolution. First it was total station, then came GPS, Laser Scanners and Robotics. Now professionals are adding another tool DRONES, which boast of quick data collection, excellent positional accuracy and safe operator experience. Using drones for surveying has many advantages;

Time Saving: Traditional surveys can take days if not weeks, with the power of drones a survey can be completed in hours and collected data and imagery can be processed the same day, this means that less time is spent in gathering data and decision making.


Cost Effective: The acquisition and operating cost of a drone survey is much lower than that of survey through satellite and manned aircraft. The technical requirements of the site and personnel are also low and the daily maintenance is simple, these factors eventually reduce the cost of data acquisition.


Accessibility: Some of the most important parameters of surveying are spatial resolution and low altitude multi angle shooting. The spatial resolution of a drone can reach decimeters or even centimeters and can be used to construct accurate digital models and 3D landscape maps.


Safety: Land surveying can be a risky job, drones eliminate the need for surveyors to explore unknown terrains and can be helpful in avoiding high risk places such as Railway lines and rocky Terrains.

At Beat Drone we provide surveyors and other professionals alternatives to existing traditional methods in use, increasing efficiency and lowering production cost

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