Implementing Drones on Construction Sites.

Drones in Construction Site

Construction sites have always been a challenge for the construction companies and the developers to protect. In the past they put up construction fences to try and keep intruders out, they employ guards who might not be able to stay awake every night of the week when there is nothing going on, sometimes these guards are participants in the theft because they are not well paid. Hence the need for a technology that will not only cut costs but also improve the overall security of employees and protect the job site from theft /vandalism.

Drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are rapidly replacing traditional land surveillance methods. They are growing in popularity so rapidly that some have even abandoned the classic “bird’s eye view “expression with “drones eye view”.

Aside improving overall security, implementing drone technology in the construction site achieves the following objectives;

  • Surveying Lands: It greatly reduces the labor and time involved in producing accurate surveys, eliminating much of human error and capturing necessary data in much less time than traditional methods/manned aircraft would take.
  • Remote access to the status of a site: by having someone on site flying the drone, a project team can monitor the progress of projects directly on a computer, saving a lot of travel time and huge transportation cost.
  • Improving Project Safety: They can be flown practically anywhere for any purpose, safely survey dangerous locations, reducing workplace and increasing job site safety.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: Instead of climbing electrical poles/walking along busy highways, workers can fly a drone without putting themselves at risk.
  • The data collected by drones is so versatile that it can be used throughout the entire construction lifecycle.
  • Compare As-Built vs. As-Design: It allows us to compare what was actually built with what was planned and make sure they fit together.

The cost of mapping a construction site used to be very high and it took a long time to finish, today a drone can survey any area in minutes at a very low cost. At Beat Drone we aim to help provide alternatives to existing traditional methods used which will boost growth.

With our drone data we get precise earthwork measurements, with cut and fill analysis done in hours. Instead of relying on contractors measurements we rely on impartial drone data for correct estimates and payments. Since drones can be set to operate autonomously they can send regular progress photos without any labor.

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