How Drones are changing the world.

Drone in Operation

Drones now and in the Future.

It is not just socializing we are practicing from a distance. Today, every sector is expected to perform their operations with minimal personal contact and this would be the new normal. This is where the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(Drones) comes in.  Military and commercial drones have revolutionized how we see and navigate our planet. In the next decade UAVs will be used to achieve more output, with less cost of production while saving lives in the process. Drones are changing the world in the following ways:

    • Home Security: Tethered drones are now used for monitoring and surveillance of our homes.
    • Telecommunication: In places experiencing natural disaster, where phones /internet services are unavailable, connectivity can be achieved with the use of drones.
    • Weather Forecast: Fixed wing and multirotor drones that can measure wind speed, moisture and atmospheric pressure are being studied by scientists to help predict weather pattern.
    • Delivery: Packages, food / medicines are delivered in a fast and safe way with the use of drones.
    • Animal Conservation: DJI Drones are used around the world to check the overall stability of several species ensuring their existence for years to come.
    • Film and TV: While the drones used to take cinematic shots in film and TV productions are safe but expensive, they are a still a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a helicopter/an airplane.
    • Personal Transportation: Companies like Uber are anxious to get unmanned passenger drones off the ground probably because they won’t have to pay drivers anymore.
    • Agriculture: From sensoring to monitoring the health of crops to drones that sprays and plants seeds, farming is making a big shift.
    • Construction: From creating 3D aerial renderings for future constructions projects to checking the safety of current construction projects, drones have arrived in the construction business and that’s not about to change.

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2 years ago

wonderful insight!!