A Cleaner Future.

Trees are a constant presence in our world, as we have relied on them for shelter and food for millions of years, sadly they are being removed by growing industries and consumer demands at an alarming rate.

Why exactly do we need trees?

  • AIR: Have you noticed that the air feels fresher in a forest? That is because tress act as natural air filters absorbing harmful pollutants. This is especially vital in urban areas, which are often polluted by industries and transportation. Trees can reduce 7-24% of particulate matter around them, cleaning the air and cooling the heat trapped in cities.
  • WATER: Trees are also a major line of defense against floods and landslides, their intricate root systems slow down water absorption into the soil and helps to prevent water slide erosion, a single ever green tree can intercept up to 15,000litres of water per year and in areas prone to dangerous floods, this is crucial.
  • BIODIVERSITY: Forests are homes to 80% of earth’s terrestrial plants and animals species, a single tree can help 100 species of insects, fungi, mammals and plants, likewise trees depends on their residence to disperse seeds, control insects and keep them from over growing ,which leads to a healthy and thriving ecosystem.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Trees are not just important for the environment but for our society as well, over 1.6 Billion people directly or indirectly depend on forests for their livelihood that includes relying on the natural resources as well as the job opportunities they provide.
  • HEALTH: Everyone knows that feeling of calm and elation when walking through a forest. Trees are known to reduce stress and anxiety and protect our skin from harmful solar radiations, they have been found to save almost $7 billion in the annual US health costs by filtering air pollution and preserving mental health.
  • CLIMATE: The air filtration effect of trees add up on a planetary scale, they cool the earth by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen, a single tree can absorb as much as 40 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, making trees the most effective carbon capture machines available.

With such a wide array of benefits, it’s no wonder we need trees. Fighting deforestation and replanting damaged forests are crucial tasks for the coming decade, both to improve our wellbeing and prevent the most dangerous effects of climate change.

How do Drones help in the fight against Deforestation?

In 2005, Nigeria had the highest rate of deforestation in the world according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Nigeria lost 14% of her primary forest between 2002 and 2020. Forest has been cleared for logging, timbre export, subsistence agriculture and notably the collection of wood for fuel which remains problematic in West Africa.


300 Million acres have been deforested since the 1990’s, this same 300 Million acres at current planting rate will cost $100 Billion to replant. Hence we need to use technology to scale up our restoration efforts and the scale in this case is in tens of billions of trees every year.

To achieve this speed and accuracy is where drones come in. They will help to restore forests 150 times faster than planting by hand, and up to 10 times cheaper. The use of drones is a way to make reforestation truly scalable, currently forestry companies spend millions recruiting labor to go out there and plant trees.

                                Do you believe that co2 is changing the global climate? 

If you do, then you will agree that carbon sequestration has to be a part of the global climate solution. Drones can be used to make tree planting less expensive, thereby driving down the cost of saving our climate. Replanting 300 Million acres that has been deforested since the 1990s is a major step forward in reducing carbon emission.

So how do we then go out and replant in a cost effective way, this is where our technology comes in, at Beat drone we are ready to work with forestry companies and government agencies in trying not to lose our forests for the trees.

It absolutely makes sense to focus on the biggest thing that is threatening humanity, if the environment is not working, no social, political/economical system will work that’s why it’s so important to get in there and plant.  

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