History of BeatDrone

Beat Drone has been an offspring of Beat Traffik project. In Beat Traffik, Beat Drone services are used to cover traffic reports in the state and it was also integrated to the project's Mobile and web app. Beat Drone early 2017 became an independent project which works with diverse businesses and Government agencies in improving their operational efficiency with he use of drones.

why choose us

We provide the best services in drone operations for every sector, our experienced drone operators and tech team would make your operation seamlessly easy, resulting in better and faster outcome. Beat Drone would provide you the best of services you could ever wish for, with over 2,000 hours of flight time, over 25 drones in our arsenal; cutting edge pilot raining systems, international drone manufacturers and trainee partners, we promise the best results ever.

unlimited options
  • transporting
  • automated operations
  • quick delivery
plans & implementation
  • logistics
  • trusted pilots
our partnerships

our partnerships with companies we are currently working with is strong and we believe we can work with you.